Board of Trustees

Board meetings are normally held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7pm. Location varies by month. The next meeting will be held at the Meadowbrook Branch on Wednesday, June 17 2015 at 7pm. View the May 20, 2015 Library Board Agenda.

Board Members

Margaret R. Christle
Completing vacated term
District E
Alison Armstrong
Term 1 (Ends: 6/30/2016)
District F
"Ginny" Gardner
Term 2 (Ends: 6/30/2016)
Larry Spencer
Term 1 (Ends: 6/30/2017)
District A
Karen Drake
Term 2 (Ends: 6/30/2016)
District B
Darlene Richardson
Term 1 (Ends: 6/30/2015)
District C
Anne Page
Term 1 (Ends: 6/30/2015)
District D
Natalie Cherbaka
Term 1 (Ends: 6/30/2017)
District G
Cynthia Saunders
Term 1 (Ends: 6/30/2018)

Latest Meeting Minutes: March 18, 2015 Library Board Minutes
Archive of Meeting Minutes